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If we are not updating the site, it's because we ran of out of range of the satellite. We will try to get on-line farther north to test the range of sat G11 and a small internet dish.

Sunday July 2, 2006

The Midnight Sun

The longer hours of sunlight hadn't really hit us until yesterday, we've been pretty much going to bed at dark and getting up with the sun.

Up here, that means retiring way past 11:00 pm and getting up agian at 4:30 am!

We will have to modify our habits in order not to wear ourselves out.

Saturday July 1, 2006

High Level, Alberta

We are still on-line!

We are stopped at a full service private campground called Aspen Ridge just south of High Level Alberta (latitude 58 degrees north).

It's surprising we are still on-line, the signal strength is only 47, but there is a clear shot to the satellite. Last night we met a nice couple from Hay River NWT who own the Home Hardware there, they suggested this campground. They were right, it's a great overnighter.

We got fuel in High Level after setting up at the campground, only 310 km. travelled today.

We were warned by the NWT folks that the bugs get worse as we head north, they were right, the Off is back on the picnic table and being used regularly! It looks like I will have to pick up a screen for the truck radiator, it's getting quite blocked.

These are a couple of pictures we took of the campground:

Tomorrow, we hit the NWT border, and see if we can get into the campground there.

Friday June 30, 2006

Peace River Alberta

We made it to Peace River country just after lunch today. We made the mistake of looking for the campsite on the south side of Peace River in town, and got an assist from a friendly RCMP officer who led us out of town and onto the on-ramp to cross the bridge to the north side of the river to a campsite. I won't name the campsite, but it is the campsite version of the "no tell motel".

Because of the long weekend, we take what we can get, and truthfully, the campsite isn't too bad, just not up to the standard we are used to in Alberta.

We did see a beautful mule deer in the rear of the campsite:

This is view of the hill on the south side of the Peace River:

Thursday June 29, 2006

Carson-Pegasus Provincial Park

We went through Edmonton (and survived!) and headed for Whitecourt and Carson-Pegasus Provincial Park. It's a park that we visited back in the 1990's, relatively close to Swan Hills. We are having problems getting sites before the long weekend (we got one of the last sites when we arrived just after noon).

The park was a good overnighter, there are a lot of folks there for the long weekend, and some of the campers were parked for the weekend (with their owners working back in Edmonton). In the area we were in, there was no electricity, but a few folks had generators going.

We took a few pictures:

This was our campsite.

This is a view of the road and a campsite. There is a surprising amount of space for larger rigs here.

We headed off for Peace River and took a picture of the river valley on the way into Peace River.

Wednesday June 28, 2006

Elk Island National Park - Alberta

It was less than 200 Km. from Lloydminster, we arrived at Elk Island before noon and set up. So far (at 5:00 pm) we are the only camper in the pull through area, thats good because this entry is being put together with generator power (no electrical sites here).

There are lots of bison here (apparently over 400 in the park)

Here are a couple of examples:

No, this not a statue!

This other guy is lying down, trying to keep the flies at bay:

When I read the park info, I will be able to tell if these are plains bisons or wood bisons, they have about 200 of each in the park.